Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dream diary #1

Well, maybe lack of sleep has something to do with it, but I had some weird dreams last night (actually early this morning, I think).

Sometime between 10 pm and 2:30 (when I got up to feed Hannah the first time) I dreamed that I was hanging out with a mouse that had the voice of Sound of Music Julie Andrews. I think maybe that she also have a young Julie Andrews appearance--as much as a mouse can. I don't know for certain if I was also a mouse, but I am going to say that I hope so. At the very least, I hope that I was mouse-sized. The weird thing was that I was attracted to Andrews Mouse. I know this because I was coming up with pretences to help her out, either helping move stuff into her mouse house or whatever. And I kept giving her my cell phone number and telling her to call me if she needed anything (smooth operator I am, huh?).

But I realized, in the funniest twist of all, that I was continuing to give her Lynda's cell phone number. So, even in my dreams I can't cheat.

After I fed Hannah at 2:30, I slept again and this time (before H. woke me up for good at 5:30) I dreamed that I was hanging out with Harry Potter and Hermione and other non-specific Hogwarts kids in a blank featureless room. It had the feel of a dance party that didn't so much feature dancing as the ever looming potential for teenage hookups in the dark corners. And the only other detail I can remember is that some kids were using some heretofore unknown magical ability to send their hearts out of their bodies in search of a girlfriend.

Weird stuff.



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