Friday, April 15, 2005


I know that the luster of Alias has been lost due to the breakout success of LOST.

But did you SEE what happened this past Wednesday??!!

(Come on, Jack T. . . . please tell me you saw it!)

The Rimbaldi story line is heating up again (finally) and add to that we almost return to the glories of the Francenator, but this time its Arvin Sloane's almost identical (but clearly just as evil) twin!!!


A Sloane-inator? A RepliSloane? Whatever the term, it's a cool development.

See the Television Without Pity recaplet for their take on the episode. Trust me . . . the last time an Alias episode received an "A" grade, we were all watching the show.


Blogger Jack Thunder said...

very true. a fine episode.
the DoubleSloan is intriguing. also a brilliant plot device, making every reference to a "Sloan" in recent history subject to rethinking.
but mostly we had it justified that Vaughn is not just useless but an irresponsible, selfish ass.
i'd contribute a Rumbaldi magnetic-swipe keycard to the secret vault to see Dixon kick Vaughn's head in.

11:30 AM  

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