Sunday, May 15, 2005

Disingenuous statements found on a McDonalds' tray liner

Apparently, McDonalds is celebrating its 50th anniversary. (I guess I should know this since I am trying to read Fast Food Nation. And, yes, I am aware of the conflict between reading FFN while patronizing this establishment; I even took my kids!)

But, the language of the tray liner caught my eye . . . so, enjoy, ignore, whatever.

Celebrating 50 years . . .

. . . of being the place to hang. [Yourself maybe?].

. . . of always being there [for slave labor wages?].

. . . of constantly offering new choices [remember the McDLT and the McRib? No?].

. . . of starting careers [for that lucky 0.005 percent].

. . . of making our meals fun [as fun as kid-based marketing can be].

. . . of being a part of my community [that hellacious part in the depressed downtown or that barren, soulless place by the interstate].

Imagine what's ahead for the next 50.


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