Sunday, December 31, 2006

Found on the inside of a BURGER KING crown.

(Truly the ad agency running Burger King is busy with ideas . . .)

Game Play
A) Adjust size and be the first to place on head.
B) Whoever places the Crown on his or her head first, then in a loud voice proclaims "I am the King" is from that moment forward, in charge. Rule ends if Crown is removed (see Coup d'etat). Crownings can happen anywhere, at anytime.
Advanced Play
1. There can only be one King.

The King always gets his/her way.

The King must speak with some kind of cool accent.

The King makes all the important decisions governing selection of TV channels, movies, radio
stations, as well as popular activities like snow-boarding, pool hopping and cow tipping. The King also determines who gets the remote, who rides "shotgun" and, of course, who pays.

Rule ends when Crown is removed for more than 3 seconds (see Three Second Law).

Disagreement with the King results in a "penalty." This is decided by the King. Common penalties include forfeiture of fries, surrender of video game controller and banishment from office cubicle.

Three Second Law

The King's rule ends when the Crown is removed from their head for any reason, accidental or otherwise. The first person to exclaim, "One . . . Two . . . Three . . . King" may claim the Crown.

In the Event of a Tie

If two people Crown themselves King simultaneously, the person whose birth date is closest to Dec. 4, 1954 (date the first BURGER KING restaurant opened) is King.

Coup d'Etat

If everyone agrees you completely stink as King, your rule may be renounced. This constitutes a Coup d'etat. A new King may be Crowned if the group can reach a unanimous decision. If not, the Three Second Law applies.


If you are eating in a BURGER KING restaurant, your rule extends all the way to the edge of the parking lot. Off restaurant grounds, your rule extends in a radius of 10 feet around you in any direction.

WARNING: This BURGER KING Crown is made of paper. Your rule may end prematurely if Crown is exposed to water or flame.


Anonymous Sarbear said...

funny dad! :P

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why won't you WATCH IT?!!!!!

There is no doubt whatsoever that Jack is an angry dude.

Thanks to the helpful TV watchers at Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch for providing the initial heads up on this brief clip of LOST's upcoming second season.

I think I'm going to try and make this my new catch phrase as we prepare for the rest of Season 3 of LOST. (If you've got ____ to _____, GO WATCH IT!!)

It'll be hilarious when done correctly and said in the right way at the right time to those people in the know. (So, apparently, it'll be funny maybe once or twice to a few people. But I'll keep trying to make it work more and more.)


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