Friday, December 14, 2007

All the latest J. J. Abrams news

It's a busy time of year for fans of J.J. Abrams, creator of LOST, producer/writer of the mysterious movie Cloverfield. The DVD of LOST season 3 just came out in stores. I dearly want to run out right now in the impending ice and snow to get my copy, but I am doing my best to bide my time and pick it up at Christmas time. It's hard waiting, but I'm trying to grow.

On top of all of that, we learned today that LOST season 4 is officially scheduled to begin January 31. And one of the best bits about that tidbit of news is that the show returns to the 9 pm time slot. Of course, we're only talking about 8 episodes since everything has ground to a halt due to the ongoing writers strike, but I'll take whatever I can get . . . for now. (I do admit that I am very concerned that the strike has already damaged the LOST Master Plan (16 continuous episodes for the next three seasons), but since I don't work in Hollywood, I can't do much about any of that.

The other big news regarding LOST season 4 is that YouTube has a teaser trailer for the new season. (I've chosen to provide the Entertainment Weekly link because it provides speculation/interpretation for the seemingly random images seen throughout.) After inexpertly trying to stop and start the images several times, I can tell you that I saw a strange looking pyramid of yellow ball-like stones that explode (?), an embedded number 6 (??), Hurley swimming underwater, and definitely a clean-shaven Charlie Pace. I don't know if he's back from the dead in "current time," a flashback image of Charlie before he died at the end of last season, or a flash forward to future "off-the-island" Charlie. The best news there is that two-thirds of those possible scenarios don't end up with Charlie being dead and gone from the show.

Moving on to other Abrams projects, we've got new information/imagery about Cloverfield, the movie that is turning out to seem more and more like a straight-up monster movie with bad dialogue, nausea-inducing camera work, and what else, I don't really know.

But nothing Abrams-related is complete without bizarre Internet tie-ins.

If you believe, this bizarre video is chock-full of clues about Cloverfield. If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you that leads to my thousands of cheap acres in Florida.

If you would rather see a clip of the movie itself, (rather than try to guess if a pseudo Japanese product is going to tell you secrets), you can always try this.

It is a chunk of the movie that revolves around stuff we've already seen in the trailers out to this point. I hope when you watch it, the video runs more smoothly than it did for me. And I hope you are prepared for the aforementioned lack of dialogue and lack of SteadyCam. (Take your Dramamine before you come to the theater with me when 1.18.08 arrives.)

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