Friday, July 22, 2005

He's SPEC-Hubb-ulous

I've only known Spec for a short time. Really known him just since we've started 'visiting' outside during the day. Its our seven minutes away from work that we spend whining about work or chatting about nothing in particular. Sometimes Flipper joins us, making us a little cluster. (Of course our friends hassle us constantly about our visits, but we just ignore them. Poopy on them-they're just jealous cause they're not in our club!).

I have two things to say about Spec...

One, I am going to take this opportunity to admit that Spec is my first...... atheist. Never met one before, as if its a type of food or a place to visit. Now, yes, there are others in our group that claim the title as well. But he was the first one to talk to me about it. Or rather, boldly announce it. The interesting thing to me is that he is more decent than many people i meet, many who even claim to be religious. I guess mostly because our society thinks that being Gay and being Christian is impossible. He doesn't (of course some of that is probably attributed to the fact that he isn't a Christian). Even so, he takes me at face value. He takes everyone at face value. He talks with me, asks questions, gets to know me, and he's not belittling (and I hope he senses the same in me). He sets an example that more people should think about. (YES, I'm talking about the same Spec you all know and love!)


Two, though I find everyone at our lunch table to be witty, the rapport between Spec and Burb is hilarious. As all can attest that they have had me in tears. Spec's outlandish remarks, made at loud volumes, kills me! And the looks from the other tables within earshot - priceless. Burb - who now will spar with you? Who now will say the next logical thing that no one in their right mind would actually utter - except Spec? My Girl says that Spec is my work husband... If that's so, now I'm a widow! bye hubby! take NYC by storm! Wear your coat on cold days, eat good, and carry a large yet cleverly disguised weapon with you at all time so that you stay safe.

I will truly miss you! :(


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