Thursday, February 09, 2006

LOST Mad Libs

We open with Charlie on the beach, staring at the waves.

Charlie begins to flashback to some horrible memory in his/her sordid past, but is interrupted by Hurley.

"Dude . . . [goofy saying]? Don't you know that Locke has found [strange item or book with secret meaning] and is coming back to camp to show it to all of us?"

Charlie [sarcastic comment about music] and then gets up to see [strange item or book with secret meaning]. Along the way he blames [another LOSTaway] for his problems.

Up at the beachfront camp Locke, Kate, Ana Lucia, [pick one: Steve/Scott], and Jack are standing beside a pile of [number between 100 and 2,000] tarps. Jack asks Locke what [strange item or book with secret meaning] is? Locke [cryptic adjective] looks at Jack and answers [mysterious adjective]. Jack [describe angry reaction to Locke's lack of information]. He then storms off, but not before staring intently at Kate and Ana Lucia.

Just then [pick one: rain begins and Others attack/invisible Lostzilla rips up treeline then disappears/Smokezilla lifts up ______].

Ana Lucia yells "You see! I told you [sarcastic, belittling remark]! She gets ready to shoot someone.

Sayid [pick one: fixes the radio to call for help/gets ready to torture someone].

Sawyer ambles up and observes to [pick one: Freckles/Mr. Clean/Pillsbury/Marcus Welby] [useless sarcastic comment]. He [pick one: "borrows"/steals] [choose an important item] and leaves to sit around and be useless.

See how easy it is kids? Just make sure that you fill episodes with lots of "useful" flashback information and avoid any clarifying dialogue.

Get yourself to Hollywood and become a cog in the entertainment machine!

Kate screws up the plan but looks good doing so.


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