Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More music reviews

Here are a handful of reviews. I am keeping them short but sweet, enabling me to write more often. Enjoy!

Basement Apartment “Transistor”
An entertaining album, but fairly straightforward. The songs are good, some are quite catchy, but there is nothing experimental about them. It was the perfect music to listen to while working. They have a subdued style that I liked. I should give them a 3, but because of that catchiness I’ll raise it to a 3.5.

Blake Babies “Innocence & Experience”
The William Blake reference immediately drew me to give this album a listen. It was somewhat disappointing. The effort is certainly there and, had these same songs been performed by another band, it could even be great. In the end, however, Blake Babies comes off as a less-talented, poor man’s Rilo Kiley mixed with a little Breeders homage. 3 for effort, 2.5 for execution.

The Killers “Hot Fuss”
From their name I thought that this band would be too “loud” for me. I don’t particularly like people screaming in my ear or playing so loudly that they drown each other out. The Killers are not like this at all. They seem to have found a cozy balance between Brit-pop and pseudo-punk. There’s even a little 80s in there, but not too much to turn one off. Overall I was very pleasantly surprised by the songs, especially “Somebody Told Me” which I’ve heard on the wonderfully inappropriate Distorted View podcast. I really like that song, and the album as a whole and am therefore giving it a solid 4.

American Analog Set “Know by heart”
The first American Analog Set album that I heard was filled with enjoyable melodic tunes. There were only 8 tracks on “Promise of Love” and each one was beautiful chaos. “Know by heart” is a much simpler album. It contains 12 songs, most of which are about three minutes long (compared to the 8-10 minute tracks on “PoL”). The songs rely more on their lyrics than “PoL” does, but they are able to sustain the melodic tone. I am not sure if I like this offering better, but it is certainly close. Not only will I be giving this album a 4.5, but I will definitely now go to their concert when they stop by Brooklyn in October.


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