Friday, August 26, 2005

More musical anyone even reading this crap?

Bloc Party “Silent Alarm”
While certainly entertaining, this album lacks the intelligent and witty turns that make Blur and Franz Ferdinand (bands that Bloc Party tries to emulate) so good. The lyrics are teenage-poetry level (example: “Are you hoping for a miracle?”) and the back beats are simple and repetitive. This seems like an album that would be on in the background of a party where there’s a beer bong in the vicinity. Take that as you will, I’m giving it a 2.5.

Hot Hot Heat “Make the Breakdown”
I should hate this album. I should find it annoying and cheesy and despise the carnival-esque sounds. I should really hate it. But, dammit, I like it a lot. There is something fun and loose and fresh about it, something different. On the surface the album offers all of the things that made Bloc Party (see above) so undesirable, but they do it in a much better way. If “Silent Alarm” is a beer bong, then “Make the Breakdown” is a tray of Jello shots. C’mon everyone, let’s get trashed! The Hot Hot Heat get a worthy 3.5.

The Stills “Logic will break your heart”
About halfway through this album I forgot what I was listening to. That is not a good sign. There is nothing wrong with the album, it just has very little to offer that is unique or exciting. A heavy 80s influence doesn’t help things. If I wanted to listen to New Order or the Cure, I would. The band is reaching for something that they cannot quite grasp, and the result is wholly underwhelming. I give it a 2.

Snow Patrol “Final Straw”
The Postal Service on Pop Rocks. Snow Patrol exudes a steady coolness throughout the album, giving the songs an almost punk quality. The lead singer is a little too subdued at times, which is a shame because he has a good voice. If he pushed himself further the songs would have a little more power behind them and make the whole offering more enjoyable. As is, the album is very well done. Quirky noises and notes are put in on the sly, barely audible over the vocals and forefront instruments; I like the subtlety of it. “Final Straw” is a well conceived album that is able, for the most part, to accomplish what it set out to do. A little more force from lead vocals and it’s golden. As is, I’m giving it a 4.


Blogger David said...

Yeah. I'm reading them and wondering if I'll ever get to hear some of these groups . . .

BTW, I greatly enjoyed my "California Dreamin'" playlist while we drove around in the rental car.

T. kept asking me who these bands were and I had to explain the enormous sonic debt that I owe to you and Jack both.

Thanks for keeping me somewhat up to date on this stuff.

3:39 PM  
Blogger David said...

Ouch Raisinette!
Did the fire alarm get you up on the wrong side of the cubicle?
I have benefited greatly from you as well, but I owe a greater proportional debt to JT and S.
In the future, I will mete out my praise in the appropriate percentile.

10:53 AM  

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