Thursday, February 24, 2005

Big Doins' on ABC Wednesday night

So, if you (like me) watch Lost each week, last night provided (at least) one interesting development.

Warning!! Spoiler ahead!! During Jin's flashback, when he first visits the Energy Minister's house to "deliver the message" the minister tells him not to do it in front of his daughter.

The camera then shows the daughter watching TV and WHO is on the TV?!!!

Thanks to eagle-eyed Raisinette and Spec, who pointed this out during lunch, it shows the DUDE himself--Hurley getting into a car! I verified this tonight when I rewound the tape from last night's episode and still framed the scene. There are Japanese characters across the screen that I can't read, but they probably say something like "Dude . . .what's up?"

So, what is up? Is he (as Tegan immediately suggested), a sumo? I doubt it, since he is not heavy enough for that. But what else could it be? Does it have something to do with his real name?

In other news . . . the Rimbaldi subplot is back on Alias and me likey!

I have always liked the absurdity of the Rimbaldi prophesy stuff and now it is back in the newly revamped Alias. We can only hope Sydney and the gang have to construct a elaborate Rube Goldberg machine out of paper that emits a single word--Dude!


Blogger David said...

You probably know that I made a mistake in this comment. It is probably incorrect to suggest that the characters on the TV screen during the Hurley shot are Japanese, since we know that Sun and Jin are Korean.

This also means that Hurley is even less likely to be sumo.

So, what COULD it mean?

Is anyone going to venture a guess??

2:18 PM  
Blogger flipper said...

What I can't figure out is why a minor (and, as it turns out, false) drug arrest would make it onto Korean television. I mean, does this happen a lot--every time a suspected drug dealer is arrested in the U.S., they broadcast it in Korea? That makes no sense to me. Either 1)it's obviously wrong and the writers didn't think about it, or 2)it means something bigger, and we just don't know yet. I'm going with #1--the writers wanted to tease us and make us go "Look, there's Hurley!" without realizing the lack of logic in their little joke.

9:08 AM  
Blogger David said...

Flipper, I don't think the Korean broadcast was of the drug arrest--at least not that alone.

I think it was either

1) news footage of when he first won the lottery, which might make a little more sense as a Korean news broadcast--but not much more; or
2) footage of the famous lottery winner being released from jail after a false drug arrest. Also not entirely Korean news-worthy but . . .

His clothing on the TV, if my memory serves me right (and I believe it does)was more t-shirt and jeans and less the glammed-up jacket he wore in the Hummer post lottery and during the arrest scene. That (of course) would demand that the writers had already figure this sequence of events out a week ahead of time, but maybe?

9:20 AM  

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